Adult Therapy

If you are here, you are ready for change. I hope I can provide a warm environment in which to make this journey.

Every client is unique. Together, we will work to clarify your concerns and goals, and to build a working relationship to address those. Whether we work in person or through telehealth, I strive to be a warm, attuned, and engaged partner as you navigate the challenges that brought you to therapy. Because I am trained to work with clients of all ages and using a variety of approaches, I am able to tailor my approach to your unique concerns and circumstances.

Benefits of individual adult therapy can include:

  • Improved insight, confidence, and self-compassion
  • Finding purpose, getting unstuck, and making healthy decisions
  • Stronger relationships and better communication
  • New skills in coping and emotional regulation
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and other symptoms
  • Healing from grief, trauma, neglect, and other distressing life experiences
  • Greater resilience in the face of challenges and transitions
  • Broader sense of calm and self-acceptance

Having trouble deciding between in-person and online therapy?  I choose to be very flexible about this.  My in-person clients appreciate the option of switching to virtual sessions when schedules get too busy.  Likewise, my telehealth clients often prefer to do the first few sessions in person. We can discuss your options during your free consultation or at any time during the course of treatment.

In-Person Therapy & Virtual Therapy