Grief & Loss

Although grief and loss are universal experiences, there are many kinds of loss. Each journey is unique. You may be grieving a loved one. Or you may be grieving someone with whom you had a strained relationship, leaving you with conflicted emotions. Perhaps you are grieving someone you didn’t get to know, but whose absence deeply affects you (a much wanted child, an absent parent). Or maybe you are anticipating the loss of someone who is ill or aging (anticipatory grief is real). No matter the loss, I honor your grief and strive to provide a safe space in which to feel its full impact.

Grief therapy will help you to:

Therapy for Grief and Loss
  • Grapple with your feelings
  • Recover from the depression and anxiety that sometimes accompany grief
  • Mourn, memorialize, and preserve a connection with your loved one
  • Address unresolved conflicts with and emotions about the person who died
  • Adjust to your changed world

In-Person Therapy & Virtual Therapy