Human beings are social creatures.  We need meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging in order to thrive. If your relationships are strained or difficult, if you don’t feel like you belong to a larger community, let’s find out why.

It may be that healthy relationships were not modeled for you as a child, and you are still learning how to feel safe with others. You may be self-isolating or attracting the “wrong types.” You may be grieving the end of a good relationship. Or perhaps your current relationships are solid but would benefit from better communication.


Whatever the cause or the symptom, therapy will help you:

  • “Show up” more authentically, confidently, and lovingly in relationships
  • Find a partner who truly meet your needs
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Set boundaries in relationships that are not healthy
  • Cope with or repair conflicts
  • Recover from relationship loss
  • Grapple with relationships to people who have hurt you

Looking for couples therapy?

Although I am not a couples therapist, I can refer clients to and enjoy collaborating with couples therapists. The benefits of couples counseling are likely to be enhanced if both partners are in individual therapy as well.

In-Person Therapy & Virtual Therapy